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Yeah, We're Yarn Snobs
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Monday, September 24th, 2007
7:48 pm
Intro & Questions
I'm very happy to have found a community for like-minded yarn snobbery. :D My favorite yarn right now (and for a while) has been Schaefer Miss Priss. I also really like Noro, but there's only so much stripey stuff you can make.

I've finally decided to throw down the money on yarn to make myself a sweater, and the pattern that I like calls for a guage of 2 sts to an inch, the yarn it calls for (tahki bianca) is apparently out of production. My google-fu is failing me, so any suggestions for a replacement yarn would be much suggested. I don't have the availability right now to get to a LYS to hunt hands on (one car family, husband works a lot of hours)

Also, is this an appropriate place to post pictures of your finished products?
Sunday, September 16th, 2007
1:58 pm
Hand Maiden did it again
Oh my.

I went into my favorite LYS to find sock yarn yesterday as an apology to my husband who had to deal with aa pissy parrot. I was told that there was a wool/cashmere/nylon, and therefore machine washable sock yarn that I had to see. Wow. Love at first sight. I cast on as soon as got home, and the only complaint that I have is that there was one knot in the skein, and that the yarn is a tad bit splitty.

But- it is amazing. So soft and lofty. I hope that I have enough for my husband's huge feet.

*I would provide links, but my migraine addled brain is beyond that.
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
10:39 pm
Yarn recommendation?
I'm designing a shawl, and am having a hard time boiling down the qualities I want in the yarn into a few Google-friendly phrases. I've perused my local yarn store, Knitter's Review, and most of the online stores I am familiar with, and nothing has really popped out at me yet. I'm hoping someone here might have some ideas for me.

My shawl is inspired by the Japanese harvest festival, and as such, I want the material to evoke traditional Japanese textiles. I think I want silk, but not a smooth silk yarn Heirloom Knitting's gossamer silk. I'd like to use Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, but it doesn't knit at the gauge I'm aiming for. Ideally I'd like a laceweight or light fingering weight yarn that has the shininess of silk but is also slightly nubby. The closest I've found to the picture in my head is this yarn from Habu. I have it on order and will swatch it soon, but if it doesn't work, I'm out of ideas and looking for new inspiration.

So, fellow yarn snobs, does that description make you say "I know exactly what she's looking for"? Can any of you help me see my blind spot here?
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
5:54 pm
intro post
heya. newbie here.

i first began knitting about 30 years ago, i think. i was just a kid, and it was the 70s, so i didn't take it really all that seriously.

i started again in middle school or high school, in the 80s. it wasn't much different, but i enjoyed it more. because of other pursuits, it didn't last long.

i started again AGAIN about a year and a half ago, to make a baby blanket for my now 1 year old son.

imagine my surprise to discover than in the last 20+ years ... yarn has come SO FAR! i mean, it's amazing the variety of colors, styles, and fibers that are available now!

so, i think i've truly become a yarn snob.

i do occasionally make things out of cheezy novelty yarns, or acrylic stuff for babies, i will admit. where i live ... there is no local yarn store - there is wal-mart. but, that's what road trips are for, and that's what the internet is for {i love my ebay, yes i do...}.

so, yeah. my name is allykatt, and i'm designing dragon scarves to knit for my 1 and 3 yr old sons ... out of artyarns supermerino, colorway #s 131 and 123 ; and making them totoro hats out of blue sky alpaca sport weight in colorway 508 . i guess that makes me a yarn snob...

i'm good with that.

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
7:10 pm
two words:
Koigu. Cashmere.

Current Mood: swoony
Sunday, December 10th, 2006
11:46 am
the consequence of good yarn use....
Means not using old woolease to make my dear husband a scarf.

Backstory: my husband has steadfastly refused all offers of a made by me scarf despite his hunching his shoulders and looking cold whenever he is outside in the winter. Last night, oddly enough, he asked me to make him a notwool scarf in a dark color. The only notwool material I had in a dark color was this old woolease I had from a long ago abandoned project. I got it out, cast on and knit up a couple rows and was thoroughly turned off--how could I give my sweetie something made from mostly acrylic, YUCK!

Soooo, this morning, I bought three skeins of cascade indulgence in black on ebay. I think alpaca and
angora will be nicer for me to work with and for him to wear than that woolease.

I will save that woolease for some charity knitting or give it away.

Yarn snobs UNITE!
Monday, November 27th, 2006
5:59 pm
Yarn Snob Cards I Made Today

Originally uploaded by crazycatladymel.
You know, I didn't even realize the pun in her name, which is typical of how my brain works. So maybe I'll be renaming her. Anyway...

Did a bit of doodling today (click to make bigger). This is the first animal - albeit a caricature - that I've ever managed to draw. I drew directly on watercolor postcards (so all the lines & stuff are on the back).

If the scan isn't clear enough, they say: (#1) Life is too short to knit with acrylic; (#2) Of course I'm a fiber snob; (#3) Never leave the cat alone with the yarn. There is a fourth that says "Contrary to what the dog thinks, knitting needles are not chew toys." I'm trying to come up with some more original sayings for Eunice. (I didn't want them to be like all the other cards out there.)

x-posted to my LJ

Just for fun, check out the ornaments I made over the weekend.
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
11:32 pm
truly snob-worthy yarn
I have become totally obsessive over the yarns from Posh Yarn. The Lucia cashmere/merino sock yarn has been making some splendid baby booties and hats. The Cordelia cashmere/silk is working up into a lovely beret for my mother. It has an unexpectedly cottony feel, but like the very best cotton, and has a spring that cotton doesn't (cotton isn't much fun for me to knit because of the inelasticity, that's not an issue here). I have a hank of the silk-cotton laceweight and another of the cashmere-silk cobweb weight in the wings for when I finish my current shawl project (also in a snob-worthy cashmere blend, this from Hokulani Farms, a small producer in Oregon). Once a week there's a sale, but you have to jump quick to get the best selection (so I shouldn't be telling all of you about it, should I? Oh, well, share the love). It also only takes about a week for the yarn to reach me here in Seattle from England. And they take PayPal!

And for those snob-worthy yarns, a snob-worthy book: Victorian Lace Today. I wrote up a review on Amazon for this one, and put together a help sheet listing all the projects by gauge and yardage.

Hey tashabear, should we have an entry tag along the lines of "yarn source" to help us locate the good stuff?
Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
7:20 pm
Okay snobs, take a look at this! It is not cheap or akrylic, just a handspun yarn I am very proud of. It is made of English wool that I bought from a friend. I believe the colorway was called Emerald. I think it will evenutally be a scarf. Enjoy!
Read more...Collapse )
5:27 pm
minor changes to community info
After the most recent post here (crap acrylic), I thought there should be a couple of minor additions to the community info. Nothing major, and it's not like anyone posts anyway, but I didn't think it was fair to add stuff and not tell y'all.

I added these two sentences to the last paragraph:

Posting yarn for sale, especially crap yarn, will not be tolerated without express prior permission of the moderator. Pictures must be behind a cut.

Questions, comments, flouncing off in a huff? Bring it. :-D

Current Mood: okay
Friday, August 25th, 2006
9:50 am
possible yarn shortage alert
Any of you knitting ladies who were hoping to purchase girly/femme colored yarn, you better get to the stores now before I corner the market. Unless you prefer acrylic, that stuff is safe from me.

My beautiful step daughter has given birth to a daughter, 2 weeks before her due date (she was pretty damn ready to stop being preggers) after a 4 hour labor. Cassady Ellen Dwyer, welcome to the world.

Everyone should be born already owning 3 pairs of Lorna's Laces socks.
Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
12:29 am
hi! some of you probably have seen me over at knitting or spinningfiber. or even friendlycrochet. or knitandcrochet. ok, i'm a fiber junkie. i'm a yarn snob. i'm a fiber snob.

i started back into fiber crafts in january when i got the hare-brained idea to quit smoking. eight months later, i've gotten rid of the last of my acrylic, except for ends I keep for my daughter's knifty knitter and teaching her stuff, and some wool-ease I have a specific project in mind for. it took me maybe a month before I decided I loathed acrylic. and buying LYS yarn could be expensive, so after a brief foray into ebay land, I got a spindle, then a wheel, and now I spin most of my own yarn.

My stash is out of control. I just learned to knit socks, and have discovered that sock yarns are like candy bars. easy to buy, easy to stash, easy to have wayyyy too many of.

but it's all good.

my current favorite to spin is a combo of mulberry silk and camel. i've got a skein done and will post a pic perhaps tomorrow.

anyway i'm glad y'all are here, so I know i'm not cringing alone.
Friday, May 5th, 2006
12:10 pm
a linen question that might be stupid
so i am working on the sasha skirt from louet.

can i russian join linen? i am a bit wary to try it since it is lace, and the yarn splits so easily. and i really do not want it to fall apart after it is knit.

thanks in advance!

(i figured a yarn snob might know this, if it belongs somewhere else i will move it!)
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
10:54 am
i found a great new to me yarn place!
so, the minnesota knitters' guild had it's yarnover- a knitting "confrence" on saturday. there is also a vendor's market, where we get shops from iowa, minnesota, the dakotas and wisconsin to come in and sell stuff.

and of course, being the kind of yarn hoarder that i am, i had to get some. and discovered jsolyn's fiber farm.


amazing stuff. i got 2500 yards of a 50/50 fine wool silk blend lace weight for the amazing price of $42! it is absolutely beautiful, feels like heaven, and was an amazing price. i can not praise it enough.

so- there you go. a really nice, and well priced yarn! what could be better!
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
1:33 pm
Hi, my name is Nancy and I'm a yarn snob. And a yarnaholic, but that's another story.

Long story short, I knit and I love yarn. Natural fibers or exotic blends make up the bulk of my stash, which takes up the bulk of a spare room (along with some needlepoint and sewing accoutrements). And I carry my snobism to the extreme--I hate aluminum needles. I'd sooner use a knitting frame than knit with aluminum needles. I rather kitchener a seam the size of Arkansas than knit with aluminum needles. Bamboo, birch, ebony are my friends. I do admit to Addi Turbos but only in sock sizes for two socks on two circs.

I just received two skeins of Lush, a 50/50 angora/wool blend and OMG I want to roll around on the floor on it. Included in my order from Little Knits was a complimentary skein of Cascade's Cloud 9, a merino/angora blend. I had ordered their last skein of a sock yarn and they couldn't find it. When I told them to just toss in the closest skein of the same yarn in whatever color they wanted, they included the free yarn as a thank you for not being mean. Hey, someone will like socks no matter what color they are, right? The Cloud 9 looks like it might easily felt so it's going to be a neck cozy. Ohhhh yummmy.

No pics, my new computer refuses to recognize my card reader. I may have to bring in negotiators.
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
11:34 pm

i got approved for this earlier and thought i'd introduce myself.

i'm nicole, a knitter and spinner- occasionally i actually finish a project and wear it. and i am a yarn snob. right now i am spinning the most lucious camel down and am planning a shawll for it.....on needles i have a few things going.

anyways, i have a love affair with silk and most of what i make has some silk content.....

glad to find more, um, fanatics!
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
6:43 pm
Happy Yarn
I am currently knitting a scarf for my boyfriend - a my so called scarf in Noro Kureyon 116. This is my second project using Kureyon (I made a multi-directional scarf for myself last year using color #92) and I have another one in the queue (another multi-directional scarf, this one for my sister in #147). Anyway - I LOVE this yarn. It makes even the simplest stitches and patterns look amazing - and the process of knitting with it just makes me happy, watching the colors subtly

What yarn reccomendations do any of you have, when you take into account the happiness it brings you? Both in knitting pleasure, and the finished product ~

Or am I just weird?

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
11:05 am
Koigu and Cherry Tree
I have a sock yarn question, and thought someone here might have the answer.

I remember reading somewhere a while ago that Koigu sock yarn and Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn are the same - that they are spun at the same mill, and what makes them different is how the two companies dye them. I don't remember where I've heard this, but they certainly seem very similar.

Can anybody confirm this? It's not a huge deal, but I've wanted to try Koigu, and my LYS sells the Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I have heard great things about both, but it would be nice to know I could give both brands a try at once, if they really are the same under the colors.
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