e_musings (e_musings) wrote in yarn_snobs,

the consequence of good yarn use....

Means not using old woolease to make my dear husband a scarf.

Backstory: my husband has steadfastly refused all offers of a made by me scarf despite his hunching his shoulders and looking cold whenever he is outside in the winter. Last night, oddly enough, he asked me to make him a notwool scarf in a dark color. The only notwool material I had in a dark color was this old woolease I had from a long ago abandoned project. I got it out, cast on and knit up a couple rows and was thoroughly turned off--how could I give my sweetie something made from mostly acrylic, YUCK!

Soooo, this morning, I bought three skeins of cascade indulgence in black on ebay. I think alpaca and
angora will be nicer for me to work with and for him to wear than that woolease.

I will save that woolease for some charity knitting or give it away.

Yarn snobs UNITE!
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