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intro post

heya. newbie here.

i first began knitting about 30 years ago, i think. i was just a kid, and it was the 70s, so i didn't take it really all that seriously.

i started again in middle school or high school, in the 80s. it wasn't much different, but i enjoyed it more. because of other pursuits, it didn't last long.

i started again AGAIN about a year and a half ago, to make a baby blanket for my now 1 year old son.

imagine my surprise to discover than in the last 20+ years ... yarn has come SO FAR! i mean, it's amazing the variety of colors, styles, and fibers that are available now!

so, i think i've truly become a yarn snob.

i do occasionally make things out of cheezy novelty yarns, or acrylic stuff for babies, i will admit. where i live ... there is no local yarn store - there is wal-mart. but, that's what road trips are for, and that's what the internet is for {i love my ebay, yes i do...}.

so, yeah. my name is allykatt, and i'm designing dragon scarves to knit for my 1 and 3 yr old sons ... out of artyarns supermerino, colorway #s 131 and 123 ; and making them totoro hats out of blue sky alpaca sport weight in colorway 508 . i guess that makes me a yarn snob...

i'm good with that.
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