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Hand Maiden did it again

Oh my.

I went into my favorite LYS to find sock yarn yesterday as an apology to my husband who had to deal with aa pissy parrot. I was told that there was a wool/cashmere/nylon, and therefore machine washable sock yarn that I had to see. Wow. Love at first sight. I cast on as soon as got home, and the only complaint that I have is that there was one knot in the skein, and that the yarn is a tad bit splitty.

But- it is amazing. So soft and lofty. I hope that I have enough for my husband's huge feet.

*I would provide links, but my migraine addled brain is beyond that.
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Mmmm. I don't even see it on their website, do you know what it's called?
It's called "Casbah" and there are only a few hits online about it.


I know Soctopus was talking about it too.
thank you- i tore the tag off and now can't find it. i knew it was a clash song name. and that is where i got it.
There are a couple places around here that sell Hand Maiden yarns, I'm going to have to look. And I have a friend who needs to know about it!
the sea cell is amazing- i am working out a lace plan for it- i got the more rainbow colorway that is beautiful, and then got a black/grey one as well fora smaller one. for the cost, the yardage is generous, and the quality is great.
I recently got a skein of Sea Silk I'm planning a stole for. It's a near-solid golden color, and I'm going with a Rumplestiltskin theme. I found a lace pattern I think will work well for the "straw" portion, then I'll twist it on itself and have it come out into circles (representing coins) for the "gold" part. Or such is the plan. Gotta start swatching (in something else, it's too nice for this phase).
i got the rainbow colorway, for lack of a better term- i have been working on a dragonfly lace pattern for ages, andi thinki have finally got it down to what i want it to look like. so that should be perfect. i have the black/grey/goldish for the edging and haven't figured out what to do with that, but i wantit to looklike water at night. off to swatch for that. i want to submit it somewhere when done. but i am so thrilled about the dragonfly- i have been working on it for so long.
casbah- as someone found out below.

sorry- my brain was/is fried.

i liked it so much i had them hold more for me.
Man, when I have a migraine, I'm absolutely slain -- I can't even read, let alone type. (I mean, even if I could physically bear to look at a computer screen without discomfort to the point of nausea, I literally stop being able to read. I can perceive letters, or maybe even words, but I can't make them make any sense.)
i have chronic intractable migraines. cplicated ones at that, which means i have randome stroke like days. (not angling for sympathy, it's just the way it is.) knitting helps. my average pain level is a 4-5, which would havemost people in the er, from what i understand.

but that yarn, oh my. it makes knitting while in pain nice.
and make that comlicated, or complex, depending on who you talk to.


September 24 2007, 11:18:59 UTC 9 years ago

Hi - I have it now in stock - at Socktopus! It is incredibly beautiful. I only have a handful of colours, am waiting for more.

The site is www.socktopus.co.uk

do visit if you can.