holly (redhen) wrote in yarn_snobs,

Intro & Questions

I'm very happy to have found a community for like-minded yarn snobbery. :D My favorite yarn right now (and for a while) has been Schaefer Miss Priss. I also really like Noro, but there's only so much stripey stuff you can make.

I've finally decided to throw down the money on yarn to make myself a sweater, and the pattern that I like calls for a guage of 2 sts to an inch, the yarn it calls for (tahki bianca) is apparently out of production. My google-fu is failing me, so any suggestions for a replacement yarn would be much suggested. I don't have the availability right now to get to a LYS to hunt hands on (one car family, husband works a lot of hours)

Also, is this an appropriate place to post pictures of your finished products?
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