irihs (irihs) wrote in yarn_snobs,

Koigu and Cherry Tree

I have a sock yarn question, and thought someone here might have the answer.

I remember reading somewhere a while ago that Koigu sock yarn and Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn are the same - that they are spun at the same mill, and what makes them different is how the two companies dye them. I don't remember where I've heard this, but they certainly seem very similar.

Can anybody confirm this? It's not a huge deal, but I've wanted to try Koigu, and my LYS sells the Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I have heard great things about both, but it would be nice to know I could give both brands a try at once, if they really are the same under the colors.
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I can't confirm the Koigu/Cherry Tree Hill link, but I can confirm that Koigu and Gems by Louet are the same yarn dyed by different folks.

If you still can't find some, let me know. I'll float a couple skeins of Koigu your way because my LYS has a good color selection.
I can't confirm either, but I've knit with both and they certainly look and feel the same to work with.
Ooh, thanks for the info!

Also thanks for the offer. I'll probably end up buying some Cherry Tree Hill, since the colors my LYS has look very yummy, and I'd like to support them. I'll buy Koigu one day (perhaps convince my LYS owner to stock some), but since I go there every week to knit but have hardly bought anything, the guilt is getting to me. ;-)
You won't regret it. I love my CTH socks.
theres a place in Canada that has solid koigu for cheap, something like 8.50 a skein its called knitting garden. . I thing the louet looks and feels the most like koigu as well. I have severe allergies to the treatment of fibers and i use malibrigo,aka butter, and have been recently introduced to Koigu!

Best of luck