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Hi, my name is Nancy and I'm a yarn snob. And a yarnaholic, but that's another story.

Long story short, I knit and I love yarn. Natural fibers or exotic blends make up the bulk of my stash, which takes up the bulk of a spare room (along with some needlepoint and sewing accoutrements). And I carry my snobism to the extreme--I hate aluminum needles. I'd sooner use a knitting frame than knit with aluminum needles. I rather kitchener a seam the size of Arkansas than knit with aluminum needles. Bamboo, birch, ebony are my friends. I do admit to Addi Turbos but only in sock sizes for two socks on two circs.

I just received two skeins of Lush, a 50/50 angora/wool blend and OMG I want to roll around on the floor on it. Included in my order from Little Knits was a complimentary skein of Cascade's Cloud 9, a merino/angora blend. I had ordered their last skein of a sock yarn and they couldn't find it. When I told them to just toss in the closest skein of the same yarn in whatever color they wanted, they included the free yarn as a thank you for not being mean. Hey, someone will like socks no matter what color they are, right? The Cloud 9 looks like it might easily felt so it's going to be a neck cozy. Ohhhh yummmy.

No pics, my new computer refuses to recognize my card reader. I may have to bring in negotiators.
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