Finocchio (finocchio) wrote in yarn_snobs,


hi! some of you probably have seen me over at knitting or spinningfiber. or even friendlycrochet. or knitandcrochet. ok, i'm a fiber junkie. i'm a yarn snob. i'm a fiber snob.

i started back into fiber crafts in january when i got the hare-brained idea to quit smoking. eight months later, i've gotten rid of the last of my acrylic, except for ends I keep for my daughter's knifty knitter and teaching her stuff, and some wool-ease I have a specific project in mind for. it took me maybe a month before I decided I loathed acrylic. and buying LYS yarn could be expensive, so after a brief foray into ebay land, I got a spindle, then a wheel, and now I spin most of my own yarn.

My stash is out of control. I just learned to knit socks, and have discovered that sock yarns are like candy bars. easy to buy, easy to stash, easy to have wayyyy too many of.

but it's all good.

my current favorite to spin is a combo of mulberry silk and camel. i've got a skein done and will post a pic perhaps tomorrow.

anyway i'm glad y'all are here, so I know i'm not cringing alone.
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