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minor changes to community info

After the most recent post here (crap acrylic), I thought there should be a couple of minor additions to the community info. Nothing major, and it's not like anyone posts anyway, but I didn't think it was fair to add stuff and not tell y'all.

I added these two sentences to the last paragraph:

Posting yarn for sale, especially crap yarn, will not be tolerated without express prior permission of the moderator. Pictures must be behind a cut.

Questions, comments, flouncing off in a huff? Bring it. :-D
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oh heck..and I missed it??
that's what i was thinking
It wasn't much -- poster posted crap acrlic for sale, got smacked down and and threatened with banninnation (cause the only reason she was posting was to sell), and flounced off in a huff. She didn't even stay long enough for me to have any fun. *pout*
acrylic? here? that is just wrong.

*said as she is eyeing her camel yarn across the room*

Aw, but I missed it. This is yarn SNOBS, what did s/he expect?
Yep... post about acrylic (used and for sale, no less) to yarn_snobs, then get huffy when we're snobbish? Someone is unclear on the concept.
Aaw, I missed the huffiness!
Well, she did do what I said and deleted the post, so (tiny little) props for that.