Emma (emmacrew) wrote in yarn_snobs,

truly snob-worthy yarn

I have become totally obsessive over the yarns from Posh Yarn. The Lucia cashmere/merino sock yarn has been making some splendid baby booties and hats. The Cordelia cashmere/silk is working up into a lovely beret for my mother. It has an unexpectedly cottony feel, but like the very best cotton, and has a spring that cotton doesn't (cotton isn't much fun for me to knit because of the inelasticity, that's not an issue here). I have a hank of the silk-cotton laceweight and another of the cashmere-silk cobweb weight in the wings for when I finish my current shawl project (also in a snob-worthy cashmere blend, this from Hokulani Farms, a small producer in Oregon). Once a week there's a sale, but you have to jump quick to get the best selection (so I shouldn't be telling all of you about it, should I? Oh, well, share the love). It also only takes about a week for the yarn to reach me here in Seattle from England. And they take PayPal!

And for those snob-worthy yarns, a snob-worthy book: Victorian Lace Today. I wrote up a review on Amazon for this one, and put together a help sheet listing all the projects by gauge and yardage.

Hey tashabear, should we have an entry tag along the lines of "yarn source" to help us locate the good stuff?
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