Melissa (crazycatladymel) wrote in yarn_snobs,

Yarn Snob Cards I Made Today

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You know, I didn't even realize the pun in her name, which is typical of how my brain works. So maybe I'll be renaming her. Anyway...

Did a bit of doodling today (click to make bigger). This is the first animal - albeit a caricature - that I've ever managed to draw. I drew directly on watercolor postcards (so all the lines & stuff are on the back).

If the scan isn't clear enough, they say: (#1) Life is too short to knit with acrylic; (#2) Of course I'm a fiber snob; (#3) Never leave the cat alone with the yarn. There is a fourth that says "Contrary to what the dog thinks, knitting needles are not chew toys." I'm trying to come up with some more original sayings for Eunice. (I didn't want them to be like all the other cards out there.)

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Just for fun, check out the ornaments I made over the weekend.
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