Capsicumanuum (capsicumanuum) wrote in yarn_snobs,

Yarn recommendation?

I'm designing a shawl, and am having a hard time boiling down the qualities I want in the yarn into a few Google-friendly phrases. I've perused my local yarn store, Knitter's Review, and most of the online stores I am familiar with, and nothing has really popped out at me yet. I'm hoping someone here might have some ideas for me.

My shawl is inspired by the Japanese harvest festival, and as such, I want the material to evoke traditional Japanese textiles. I think I want silk, but not a smooth silk yarn Heirloom Knitting's gossamer silk. I'd like to use Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, but it doesn't knit at the gauge I'm aiming for. Ideally I'd like a laceweight or light fingering weight yarn that has the shininess of silk but is also slightly nubby. The closest I've found to the picture in my head is this yarn from Habu. I have it on order and will swatch it soon, but if it doesn't work, I'm out of ideas and looking for new inspiration.

So, fellow yarn snobs, does that description make you say "I know exactly what she's looking for"? Can any of you help me see my blind spot here?
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