Yeah, We're Yarn Snobs

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Yarn Snobs
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We're a community of knitters who prefer to use high-quality, natural-fiber yarn. Some acrylic content is okay, certainly (we won't turn our noses up at Regia sock yarn, for instance), but craft store yarns like Red Heart and Caron need not apply.

This community was created to take back the "yarn snob" appelation that gets thrown around like cheap beads at Mardi Gras over at knitting. We're sick of others trying to make us feel guilty for hating acrylic yarn and having the wherewithal to afford quality yarn. Our time is precious, and we won't waste our efforts on crappy yarn.

So if you want to discuss knitting with quality yarns, or great sales on them, or knitting techniques using harder-to-work-with fibers like linen, silk, fine wools, or angora, bring it on. Spinners also welcome, bearing in mind that spinningfiber is available for your technique questions.

Membership is moderated. Flaming the yarn connoisseurs will get you banned. Posting yarn for sale, especially crap yarn, will not be tolerated without express prior permission of the moderator. Pictures must be behind a cut. I am a benevolent dictator, but the operative word in that sentence is dictator, not benevolent.